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Calorie Tracker Spreadsheet
December 29, 2016
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Arnold Solof, MD

By Arnold Solof, MD

I developed this spreadsheet as a motivational tool to help me stick to a weight loss diet.  Due to requests from some patients I posted it on our website.  It is in Excel Spreadsheet Format.  It will calculate how many calories you ate over or under the amount of calories you burn each day.  It will also total the calories consumed each week and the weekly difference between what you ate and burned.  You can also use it to determine how many calories per day you burn based on your weekly rate of weight loss.  You enter a daily calories burned amount that yields the predicted weekly weight loss that matches your actual weight loss.   You should exclude the weight loss of the 1st week since it includes fluid shift weight changes that occur when starting a diet.

If you find yourself “slipping”; that is, not exactly sticking to the calorie limits you set for yourself, try this spreadsheet.  Make yourself fill it out for every meal and snack.  By measuring and tracking your exact calorie intake you will avoid “sticking your head in the sand” and being oblivious to what you are really doing, and subsequently being surprised about the outcome.